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Advances in Technology

Advances in technology recent years also have had a significant impact on the opera- Cement function. Information technology (IT) now allows us to collector data 0f  that we can mass customize products to meet the needs of inner . The creased use of automation and robotics also ha permitted us to improve the quality of the goods that are being manufactured. Automated teller machines (ATM), which can provide customers with 24-hour service, are a good example of technology being applied in service operations  particularly in those countries with high labor costs. The explosive growth of the Internet in recent ears also has had an impact on operations. Electronic marketplaces a major factor in the emergence of  (business-to business) transactions quickly identify the lowest-priced suppliers. The wide use of e-mail now allows companies to communicate rapidly with suppliers customers and other operations within their respective organizations. Customer contact centers be they for making hotel or airline reservations receiving c stoker orders or handling customer complaints(or any combination of these) can ow be located anywhere in the world. However  advances in technology place new requirements on the workforce and even on customers especially in service operations For example customers now must have computer skills to access companies that are advertising on the Internet or the World Wide Web Consequently skilled workers are replacing unskilled worker in all types of operations. As we shall see in Chapter 10, an organization workforce would be considered its most valuable as only increasing in value as it become more educated.

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